Maarten Beks


An unique watercolour by Dutch artist Maarten Beks (1929-2001).


Maarten Beks was mainly an art lover. In addition to being a visual artist, he was also a cultural philosopher, lawyer, poet, prosaist, essayist, gallery owner, translator and art critic. He wrote for the magazine Kunstbeeld, among others. In addition, he wrote books on Leonardo da Vinci, Jeroen Bosch, Vincent van Gogh and Edouard Manet and much more. Beks wrote many introductions in exhibition catalogs. He also contributed to the exhibition Art Information Festival 1975. He wrote the introduction in the relevant catalog: ‘art criticism and conceptual art’. Beks did not start drawing until the early 1970s. Many drawings are included in the collection of the CODA Museum. In particular, it is his unwavering admiration for Goethe, which the artist lives up to in his drawings, such as in the artist’s book Conversations with Goethe during his trip to Italy.

Additional information

Dimensions 36 × 28 cm
Artist name

1929 – NL


Small wear and tear