chapter 03

Take a square paper and start folding it. With every fold, you end up with rectangles, triangles or lines.  After meticulous folding, one could end up with a circle. Everything starts with a square. In a way it’s a nod to Josef Albers’s Hommage to the Square. By using different colours he created an optical illusions of receding and advancing planes. And by doing so, he changes the eye of the viewer. It marks a philosophical shift in emphasis from perception willed by the artist to reception engineered by the viewer. There is a calming aspect to geometric shapes. Their proportions are clear and without a doubt. In changing times like our current ones, it a comforting  thought to bring everything back to squares. There is a structure, an order which we can rely one. The human condition has a tendency to seek precision, arrangement and balance. This desire is often synonymous with a clear mind and the act of focus. In times of uncertainty many feel relieved by themes of abstraction, where geometric shapes make references to the real world in a harmonious and composed matter. This third chapter focuses on artists who explore the orderly, the linear and the colourful.