About The Club

Vintage Art Club?

First of all, we are not real club. We are an online platform to share our passion for vintage art. We are a network of likeminded art aficionados – so get in touch!

We share knowledge, new finds and the story behind every artwork.

We hand pick artworks that speak to us because of their technique, history or the artist. We recognised their story and we want to share that.

Our artworks into chapters. Each chapter tells a story of art and brings together interesting artworks and design pieces – not defined by medium, technique artist or period. It is a cross-disciplinary approach to art,  design and decorative items. We source our artworks from auctions, companies or private collections.Works are added and new perspectives are explored. Every chapter tells a story of art – not defined by medium, technique artist or period – but what connects them. They are a cross-disciplinary approach to art and design

We don’t have a physical galley, that’s so pre COVID19. However we do have a unique concept of private viewing of your favourite artwork by appointment only based in Amsterdam’s Westerpark, with a cup of coffee.

What do we do?

  • View our curated ‘chapters’ which each explore a different theme
  • Featured artworks are for sale via the website and instagram 
  • Featured artworks are available for rent for styling, photoshoots and decoration 
  • Listen to our podcast as founding member and head curator, Niek Schoenmakers, takes us through the chapter, artists and gets way too excited about art.
  • Collaborate with art and design professionals and organisations
  • Want to see the real thing? Make an appointment to see your artwork of choice in our private viewing room.

We hand picked artworks that spoke to us because of their technique, history or the atheist behind them, They intruige us. We recognise the story they have and we want to share that. We source our artworks from auctions, companies or private collections.

Art artstic qualities, personal addition to any art collection or interior.

As a vintage art club we deal with aspiring collectors to help start or grow their art collection with high quality artworks, and also art and design professionals who we help find that unique piece to accompany their mid century classic.

Why vintage?

You might have heard of the phrases ‘vintage furniture’, ‘mid-century modern’ or ‘design classic’, that seem to be featured in every magazine, Instagram feed and style blog. It got our founding member, Niek Schoenmakers, thinking – why isn’t vintage art celebrated in the same way?  

To understand art you have look at its history. The 20th century was explosion of creativity of contempery art – styles rapidly followed one another, artists developed their unique way of expressing themselves and dealing with the zeitgeist. This lead to a plethora of techniques, shapes and colours. The art VAC represents comes from all these backgrounds and each tells a individual story. For me, buying vintage art kicked off into an artists time and style but also placing them incontext with mid century vintage pieces makes them revenant for any contempt interior. Vintage art is perfect way to make your interior individual, to add something unique and personal that can’t be found anywhere else. We did the hard work for you, we hand and curated the best of Dutch and Belgian art, and within our chapters we combined them and take them on journey

We love to show our featured artworks in a variety of settings: the gallery, the home or maybe even outside. For us, art doesn’t exist without a physical context, it’s what makes it exciting. Thats why you might see our art displayed, with a beautiful Dirk Van der Kooi chair, against a crumbling concrete wall or just with a bunch or peonies.

Art is all about the story: creating connections and crossovers between different times, styles and artists.

Every art work, regardless of budget, is a door into another world. We want to celebrate those worlds and explore the history, themes and lives that make them unique.